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Hey everyone! Decided to put Leopard onto my A8N-SLI with Nvidia 7600GS 160GB Sata, to be able to use the new iPhone SDK.


Tried a couple times, just checking 9.2.0 Kernel, and Ev8 MBR with no success. Upon reading, I realized I should have checked Ac97, NV Chipset group, NVidia 256 and NVinject, and the lan driver Forcedeth.

Once those were checked I was in and ready to go...minus my PS2 keyboard not working. Put in a PS2 mouse instead of USB, and I was good to go.


Everything seems fast and sound working great, and fast, and resolution at 1280x1024,

the ONLY think Im having trouble with is the speed of the LAN.


If there is a solution for slow Forcedeth on a Marvell 88E8001/8003/8010 lan, please pass it along. Getting like 30k/s on a download that should be 600kb/s is frustrating.


Other than that, thank you SO much everyone and their info that has helped me.



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