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Leopard + Vista (2 hard drives, chain booting error)


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Hey guys,


I've been doing some research on my problem, so I sort of know what is going on but can't fix it. Here's my scenario:


I have 4 sata hard drives in my computer. Two are in raid0 with vista installed. My third is for OSx86 Leopard. The last is just for music, etc.


I installed OSx86 on the third drive, following all instructions properly. I also activated in console. When I boot up it goes to Vista, so I tried using EasyBCD to add an entry for OSX, but when I reboot I get the "chain booting error". I tried using the chain0 method with no luck (maybe I did something wrong). I also tried using the BCDEDIT in command prompt to create the entry and it looks like this:


Entry #2


Name: Mac OS X Leopard

BCD ID: {3ddcd483-0b45-11dd-9648-005056c00008}

Drive: C:\

Bootloader Path: \chain0


I'm not sure how chain0 works but I'm guessing the entry is not pointing to the right drive/partition. Can anyone help?

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