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For Sale: DELL XPS 710 Hackintosh


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Specs and Stats here. Ive just posted this on Ebay. Starting @ $499 but if i get offers of atleast $650, I will sell it.




I did not post this as a hackintosh on Ebay, but I have successfully got hackintosh working with every hardware on this computer(Except X-FI Xtreme Music card). I will post pictures of it running hackintosh if anyone is interested. Onboard Sound and Mic works great. onboard Ethernet is not perfect yet, has to manually enter MAC address everytime after reboot. But other than that, its running like a champ.. I leave it on all day and never freeze. Its running on 9.2.0 Nforce kernel. updating to 9.2.2 should be no probs. I will guide you thru this comp if you purchase it.


EDIT: one more thing Sleep does not work yet.


Contact me on Ebay or My AIM


AIM= Hackintosh69

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Great NEWs.. a friend of mines who has the exact same computer told me that the new Kalway DVD 10.5.2 installed easily and booted up fine with out manully installing kernels and such. He also told me Ethernet issue is fixed too. no more manully entering the mac adress.

I will have to download it and test it out.


BTW: this computer looks way sexier than a MAC Pro. and it runs Leopard too!! XD

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Auction Ending soon. $750 Shiped


Final specs:

Dell XPS 710

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz Processor.

Philips DVD +/- RW Drive.

250 GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive.

160 GB IDE Hard drive.

2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667Mhz.

X-Fi Xtreme Music Sound Card.

750 Watts power supply.

Broadcom Xtreme Gigabit Ethernet

Sigmatel onboard HDA 7.1 sound

56K modem

Nvidia 256MB 8600 GTS Graphics card.

Front and Rear 8 Colors Programable LED lights.

Front Panel Diagnostic Lights

XPS mouse pad

Dell Keyboard and mouse

XPS 710 Manual book

3.5" floppy drive

DELL XP CD and Dell software CD

**EXTRA ** M-Audio Fast Track USB recording interface**



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