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Blinking Cursor after iATKOS install


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Here are my specs (so no one has to ask later):


Dell Inspiron 9100 Laptop

1gb RAM

40gb HDD (blank at install, wiped of MBR from windows etc.)

Intel 865PE Chipset

Mobility Radeon 9700 Video

Broadcom Wireless (not plugged in during install)


I boot into the bootloader from the DVD, and I then boot into the installer. Ther installer loaded no problem (no safe mode, etc. needed) and I got the welcome screen/eula. I used the disk manager to create the primary partition and (HFS+ with journaling in MBR mode) and started the install. I installed the SSE2 SSE3 and the Darwin Bootloader and hit continue. I did not select any other packages, as I wanted to eliminate the chance I was screwing something up on install. The DVD check went fine and the install completed without incident. It said it succeeded on a dark backgrounded screen and then asked me to remove the disk and reboot which I did.


When it restarts I have the single blinking prompt (underscore _ character). It never reaches a bootloader. It just does that forever. I am wondering if I have to do something to enable the bootloader since it was a blank drive. I am assuming I am simply skipping over a simple step since it fails to reach the bootloader properly (funny that the installer doesn't activate it, but I digress). Is there a way to boot into a bootloader froma disk and manually start the Leopard on the hard drive so that I can fix the problem?


Thanks for any help, and please let me know if I forgot any other system specs that may matter for fixing this issue. I am planning on getting the broadcom card and other thing working once I get into the OS.

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