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SAMSUNG R60p Worx with 10.5.1 KAL LEO!

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:D Hi Guyz. I Finaly made it to 90% Full Working on all my Hardware on OSX. :P


Specification of my Notebook: Samsung R60plus

Intel Core2Duo 1,5 ghz - Ram 2 Gig

ATI X2300 - (Is only runing in 1024x768)


PCI-X Firewire from TI



Used ISO - OSX_10.5.1_(Leopard)_x86_Intel_SSE2_-_SSE3_-_Kalyway

Update to - 10.5.2 Kalyway. But don`t realy needed.


(Did not worked with Vanilla Kernel!!)

The best thing of all was on the Installation that the S-ATA Port was enabled from

beginning on and after installation was finished, my Firewire Card was working and

my Stanton Scratchamp (Finalscratch 2) was full with Bandwith 400 MB/s Working!!


I Installed Traktor 3.2 UB and put my Vinyl's on my Turntbles, and VOILA.

{censored} BILL GATES!!!!!!!!!! CORE AUDIO is my RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indipendence is the word!!!


Running very stable, will do on Weekend my first Gig with OS X!!!!! :D


My only Problem is to get the ATI X2300 to run, man iam reading since Summer all Threads and

i can't make it work on 1280x1024! (For the Moment i can handle 1024x768) I just want to

know, is it working in the Field! I have a HDSK with the WINXP installed as Backup.


I Tried so much with all those KTEXT Helper stuff etc.......can't make it happen.


It would be so pleasend to get a easy guid support from one of you guyz to make it happen.


Please don't give any link to the Forum, i have readed everything.

Used all ATI inject or ATIX1000 Mods.


What's the deal to get a G-CARD to Work. I Don't need it Full working only the Resolution will work.


THX in Advance Boyz...... :)

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How did you get the scratchamp to work

Any help please


Well, it was no hard thing. Stanton has since 10.4.3 Tiger version already the Drivers preinstalled.


I Just recognized that it is always working when the PCI-X Firewire card is inserted and Scratchamp

is pluggged in during Installation the System (Fresh OSX Install) then you don't have to care.


If you do it later, it worked not.


Incompatible OS vers.

10.4.3 >> 10.4.11 (The problem on those vers. PCI-X)


Well working OS

All after 10.5.1 Kalyway!!!!!!!!!!!



But using since this summer Traktor Scratch (Successfully) ;)


I sold my Finalscratch system. Traktor Scratch is the Hit!!!

Clean working on 10.5.2!!!


(But you need to have the USBFix from ver. OS 10.4.10 then OK!!!)



Wish ya Success...

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