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10.5.2 on my Dell XPS m1530.. need some help


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I have troubles on startup. Its going really slooow... it stalls on Airport: link... e0

takes about 2 mins to startup..

and when i restart or shut down it does not shut down all the way.. just black screen and i have to manually shut it down with holding the power button..

Also have no sound... tried to copy the .kext from macgirls compilation but it didnt do anything.

Sleep doesnt work either.

And lastly.. tried to get my mouse working with a guide i found here but that totally screwed me over and had to reinstall.

any good suggestions there?


So any help on any of these topics would be highly appreciated!


ps: youtube will only play 2 seconds and then stop.. i dont know what the hells going on there :)

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if you finish this project and get everything working i'd really be interested in hearing about it. i've been considering getting the same laptop....but don't want it unless i can get leopard on it.


btw, i have the same problem with shutting down and having to do a hard shutdown.


does your webcam work? specifically does it work in iMovie?

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i got it to work, but have the same problem with having to do hard shutdown still.. and the only way i can get it to reboot properly is by using sleep.. then it reboots for some reason..


webcam is working yes.. i dont have imovie, but it works in photobooth and ichat so i would guess it works in imovie as well..


used kalyway and comboupdate to 10.5.2.. its pretty sweet and the laptop is the greatest!


installed mac kernel for macbook pro and i got rid of the slow startup that way.. it now boots up in 20 seconds..


if u use kalyway though be sure to unselect all the packages except bootloader.. and the thing is that with the installation it doesnt go all the way through to installation succeded, and it hangs with about 2 minutes left but then it reboots and leopard is working :censored2:


i havent dual booted yet and since xps m1530 doesnt come with xp drivers i dont know if i want to yet..


so basically my configuration is pretty good right now..


not working though: audio (dont know how i can get this to work yet even though there is a guide for it on macgirls little geeksquad page)

tried to enable 2finger scrolling but didnt work that great so got rid of it

as i mentioned sleep, shut down and reboot is not working properly (will try out another kernel if i find one that is said to work better)

screensaver doesnt work.. dunno why

havent installed battery pack yet but im going to pretty soon..so we'll see how that goes.


everything else seems to be working pretty well..keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, webcam out of the box works well..

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