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Having a few problems with my first osx86 install.

sega loco

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I recently found out about osx86, and I used the Zephyroth 10.5.1 DVD to install. I had many problems with the installation, but I finally got it to run (sort of). I then started it up and it asked my local info and such, then it asked if I wanted to transfer data from an old mac, volume, or Time Machine backup. I put that I didn't have an old one. After that the harddrive started making all sorts of weird noises. Then, it looped back to asking my locale. (It never once showed the startup vid.) I havn't read up on this much, but I have already tried using an ethernet connection (didn't work) and importing from another volume (this is my first and only install). If anyone can help, great. If this is already covered, then sorry.


Specs if they are important:



(sorry for the link, but I don't know them by heart)

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