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Some issues after iTunes update (can't see my iPhone)


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I've got a very stable 10.5.2 Kalyway installation that has recently stopped seeing my iPhone. Prior to my troubles, I was having some freezing issues under heavy CPU load, typically when I was encoding video with VisualHub. Here's a sequence of events:


1. 10.5.2 system working well except for aforementioned freezing issue.

2. Software update says that there are about 5 updates available, including QuickTime, iTunes, and a Security Update.

3. I click okay to install the updates.

4. Software Update freezes while installing iTunes (it was the third of the five items installing).

5. I wait for a good hour just to make sure it really is frozen.

6. Reset the computer

7. I'm now in a reboot loop... system will not boot up.

8. I boot into 10.5.1 from a second drive I have on my computer.

9. Downloaded the latest 9.2.0 (sleep no speedstep) kernel and install it.

10. Reboot into 10.5.2, everything seems to be working now.

11. Run Software Update to make sure I have all the latest updates. It doesn't list iTunes so I assume the iTunes 7.6.2 install was successful before the freeze.

12. I plug in my iPhone, and nothing happens. It doesn't see it at all, neither iTunes nor OS X. It's as though the phone isn't plugged in.

13. A positive side effect of the new kernel is that I no longer get the system freezes under heavy CPU load.



Here's what I've observed when I plug in the phone:


1. In the console log, this message displays each time "a different version of dependency extension /System/Library/Extensions/System.kext/Plugins/Mach.kext is already loaded".

2. I've got Hardware Growler installed and about 30 seconds after I plug the iPhone in, a growl notification appears that says "USB Disconnection - iPhone". I never get the growl notification that the iPhone was plugged in.


Anyone have any ideas what's going on?


Edit: forgot to mention that all of my other USB devices are working fine and I've tried several different USB ports. Also, If I plug the iPhone into my PowerBook, it is recognized immediately so I don't think it's a problem with the iPhone.

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