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10.5.1 installation went through but stuck after reboot


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system spec:


Gigabyte DS3 1.0

C2D 6300

4gb ram

250gb -plain hdd, nothing on it

sapphire 1950 pro


bios: AHCI, power = S1,


I installed kalyway's 10.5.1 and the installation went smooth but after the reboot, i got stuck at the grey screen where a message filled the screen with message of "you need to turn off /reboot your computer by holding the power button"


i rebooted many times but no luck, i reinstalled the whole installation a few times, reburned the dvd image but still no avail.


however, if i use the -x command, i can load into the full mac.. and fully use it...but i know it's saft mode ...anyone have any clue on what to do to get regular osx to work without using saft mode?


the installation process went fine but after that, the grey screen after the installation is where i'm stuck. it freezes, tells me to turn off/reboot my system


anyone having these simular problems or solutions?





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