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Finaly Sony Vaio Full graphic/Display 82945Chipset


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OK for all Sony Vaio that has the 945chipset graphic I finaly have full video with 1272x800 using the displayconfigx. You will need to purchase DisplayConfigx with the serial to get the full working graphic. Here how I modify mine install it open Display Configx


1. select your monitor/Display under there you shoul see 5 tab

2. select Resolution tab and uncheck all and just check one with 1280x960 then hit edit it will bring a new screen

3. In the Hori.. side put in 1272 and in the Vert.. side put in 800 (you can modify to what ever you want to fit the screen)hit done.

4. Hit the Install tab and rebo0t your OS and you will be happy.


NOTE: first I could'nt boot into my OS so I hook up an external LCD to boot with the new setting and did my config to what I want.


Make sure you switch your vaio to use 945 chipset stamina..

Any question post and I get back to you.


Here are the screen shot of my MacVaio:



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