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Kalyway 10.5.1 on Acer Aspire 5570ANWXCI Up and Running and Using it to Post this at Last! ;-)


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After the loooonnng hours of installation and re-installation, i finally got my Acer Aspire 5570 up and running on Kalyway 10.5.2, use EFI and SSE2 for the first options, apply sound package and use boot mbr since i did a dual boot with Windows Vista residing on a single HD. The only part thats a real pain in the :) is the LAN and the Wifi. After installing Microsoft Office 2008 everything is sailing smooth but with one catch... ALAS!!! i have no internet, and for a guy like me this means your "excomulgado" to the outside world. I tried to look for solutions on the LAN and Wifi on all sites but to no avail. The solution... Dlink DWL-G122, by downloading the files for this as its out of the box mac installer stinks, well im finally using it right now as write this post. Thanks a lot to all whose painstakingly uploading support on insanely mac. WOW its the challenge of the century to me and its sure is worth the effort!!!



Acer Aspire 5570 ANWXCI

Single Core 1.86Ghz with 2MB L2 cache

1 Gig memory

80 Gig HD

CDRW-DVD Combo Drive

Dlink DWL-G122 RevC1

Billionton Bluetooth

Kingston 2GB Datatraveler thumb drive




Kalyway OSX86 10.5.1 DVD

Kalyway 10.5.2 Combo Upgrade

DWLG122 driver package

Office 2008 for OSX


1) Do a straight forward installation with the Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD

2) Do the patch for Welcome Screen Loop

3) Install Kalyway 10.5.2 Combo Upgrade

4) Install Office 2008 for OSX

5) Install driver for DWLG122 wifi dongle

6) Lots of patience and the YEHEY!!! :angel:


PS: Ask me and ill email the package for the Dlink DWLG-122 package, this one is really the hardest part of the installation coz this file is a hard to find due to Rev C1, good luck!!! :P

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