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iATKOS v1.0 Install


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Hi Everyone, I've got a problem! ^_^;)

Yesterday i've burned iATKOS.

I also have made an extra partition (15). Here i would like to install iATKOS at.

This morning i put the iATKOS dvd in the player and turned my computer on.

After a minute there came a gray screen with a apple! So i was very exited and happy!

But..than my problem started:


I clicked on Utilities>Disk Utilities. Here would i selected my partition i had made yesterdag, but i didn't see it. I thought okay... i'll pick an other partition. So i did.

This is the point i dont know what i'm doing.. ive give it an other name: Mac-test and i selected the option 'Mac journaled'. I pressed erase and there was nothing happened. (I Think, because when i will go further with the installation, iATKOS asks for a destination, and there i can't choose anything :(


Can someone please help me?


Paul :(

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