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kalyway 10.5.2

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OK this is the first leopard I was albe to get working On my computer.


AMD 2600 754 pin 2.2 ghz

Ati 2600pro agp (working with only core image software and no qe but full rez and dual moniter support) Need help getting qe(please)?

Sound working perfect (first time never work with tiger)

installed on an IDEE hard drive (first kernal selected and only ati graphic selected and only the amd patch 1 selected and network all)

All three of my burners working 1 liteon(ata) 1 lg hitachi(ata) and 1 plextor(sata)


One problem I have is the graphic card explained above.


And Other big problem is when surfing the web Every page I go to it puase for 30 seconds and then goes to the rainbow spinner and then takes about a minute to unfreeze and load. What can I do to fix this thanks.


The other problem I have is that dvd player won't work I believe thats becuase of the graphic not supporting qe. Is this correct?




Oh kalyway your the best. So far the best out of the box amd installer ever.


I tried Zephyroth 10.5.2rev2 but for some reason when the installer started on my computer it would kill all usb ports no matter if legacy was enable or disable.

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