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Install runs and stops ?

- Micaël -

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Hi :)


Ok for info I already have one mac with Tiger, and one brand new CD of Leopard.

I don't know why but I never checked if this CD of Leopard with run on a PC so... I was a litle like this ^_^ when it didn't boot...


So I downloaded Kalyway version of Leopard to try it on a PC.

But after at least 10 attempts, I give up.


I had two different ends, let me explain it :

1. If I select -v on the boot option it does run until 5 minutes, then you begin to see a grey background and the cursor of Mac (when the HD is working) and just after it (about 1 or 2 seconds) it stops.

1a. It stops without any error, it just stops...

1b. It stops and says "You need to restart your computer", a message translated in different language, without any error code, and with a cool background showing the shutdown button.

Well the differents ends may be due to the use (or not) of -vanilla option at the start


2. Yes yes, this morning I was almost done! I didn't do ANYTHING but trying again with -vanilla -v options and... it didn't freeze on the gray background, it checked the DVD (successfully) and after that, I needed to format the HD, it was pretty simple, then I was able to choose my Hard Drive, and it started to install Leopard!

But... it STOPPED after 10 minutes (70% of the install). It was frozen, I didn't have any access, the HD led was always ON but the HD wasn't working... so after 15 min on the "Time remaning : 7 minutes" I decided to shutdown the computer.

And after that I wasn't able to have the 2nd end again : it ended with 1a.


That's weird because it was OK if it didn't run at all, but I don't understand why it ran one time...


My configuration is :

4GB DDR800

Ati radeon HD 2600XT (tried with Ati radeon HD 3850 too, and I got the same errors)

A brand new disk of 750gb which I bought for Mac OS X

Asus P5W DH Deluxe

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400


It's a JMicron motherboard I think.


Here are most of the errors that are shown :





Apparently these errors doesn't break the install because it continues and I'm able to see the grey background and the cursor of Mac OS X just before it freezes.


Could anyone help me?

I don't know really what to do... I'd like to have a real mac but the tower pc-like version isn't really cheap... 2600$ at least for the "basic" tower case...

Why can't they sell a case at 1000 / 1500 like they do with the iMacs ? They could earn a lot of money, they don't even to minimize things and no screen would be included so they profit would be increased. How could they think like that :D

I have a Mac Mini but it pretty sucks : not upgradable... like iMacs... I don't want to be stuck with a cheap graphic card :wacko:


I hope anyone could help me for running kalyway version of Leopard on my system.

I want to try this because I saw that Mac provides one of the bests solutions for emulating any known platform (linux, windows xp, windows vista, win2k, win98...).


I hope that I gave enough info, if I missed something let me know and I will give you more details.



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Wow that is a funny problemo you have there, unfortunately i cannot help however i may suggest maybe sending a message to people who know more about Leopard as they may be able to help.


That is strange however since for most people installation works well and problems arise after installation (if there are any).


You could try reburning the ISO file since that may be causing problems or check for scratches on the DVD incase that is causing it to freeze.

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I'm not sure if this will help, but I've noticed on several different machines that when installing something the installer will freeze the machine if you don't keep the mouse moving on occassion - as though the computer is falling in to a power saving mode.


I've found that if I move the mouse every minute or two it just breezes through the installation. If I don't do that then the installer dies and does what you're describing in step 2.

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