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New Build for Dual Boot, Questions, help please


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I'm looking to build a new machine. I have a few requirements:


It has to support the new 45nm processors in quad core.


I'd prefer to have more than one 16x PCIe slot, though it is not required.



eSATA is a major Plus.


DDR2 only.


Atx is preferable to mATX.




This machine will likely be a dual boot box, with an Nvidia gaming-level (8800GT/GTS or above) graphics card and 2/4/8 GB of ram, and XPMCE, XP64 or Vista 64.


I will use two seperate hard drives for the Windows OS and OSX.


Can y'all please recommend motherboards that meet those requirements ? I looked on the list in the Wiki and didn't see any.

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