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"HotPlug" ESATA Expresscard?


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Hey all. I have a Rosewill RC-605 (Sil3132) ESATA Expresscard, that I use on my HP DV6000t.


I have this issue, that if I have more then 2GB of ram in my laptop (I purchased, both the card and a 4 gb ram upgrade at the same time), I cannot boot to any OS. Be it, XP, Leo4Allv2, Kalyway .2 (and that is on a spare laptop hd, that I throw in my laptop to test with). It is really the strangest thing. I first thought it might have been a issue with my laptop and 4GB, but even @ 3GB its a no go. But when I have either one stick of 2GB or my stock 2x1GB, laptop boots fine with the card in.


So my resolution for now, is to leave the card out @ boot. And plug it in after I get to the desktop. This is working fine in XP. But need to try to make it work in OSX. Anyone have any suggestions?

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