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MP3 Playlist (M3U) generator


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I'm a convert from the Windows world and although there are Windows that simply have no alternative OS X equivalent, most of the apps have some Mac solution. Here's one that is stumping me, where I thought it would be easy to find a Mac version...


I have copied all my MP3s from my Windows machine to the Mac and now listen to music using iTunes, no problem there. However, I have a GPS that also plays MP3s and what I did using Windows was copy individual songs or entire folders to the SD card that the GPS uses, and then I would use a program called MP3Tag. I told this program where the songs were located (drive F:, SD card) and then it would create an M3U relative index of all the songs on the SD card. The GPS used this M3U file to then play the songs located in various locations on the SD card.


I have searched for a Mac alternative and have not been able to find a program that will do this same task. I find it hard to believe that I'll have to continue to use Remote Desktop Connection to remote into the Windows box just to do this task, so I think the Mac solution is out there and I just haven't found it. Any help is appreciated.

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