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Keyboard Issue


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I cannot get my PS/2 Keyboard to work, So I can go no further in the installation then to where it asks for your personal information.


I know that using a USB mouse with a PS/2 keyboard will make the keyboard not work and I do use a USB mouse but I have also tried using a PS/2 mouse with and without USB legacy support enabled and still neither work.


I do know that there are ways to fix the USB + PS/2 issues by going into the terminal, however since I installed OSX it will no longer let me get into the Installation menus, the bootloader locks up whenever it gets to some part about USB Checking sleep compatiblity (Probally since I installed OSX on an external USB drive). Even so the keyboard didnt even work when I was installing, I had to get creative and Copy and Paste together my partition names.


Anyway the installation seems perfectly fine I just dont know of anyways to get this keyboard to work without having to use a keyboard to get past the personal information page and whatever is past it that needs a keyboard.


So does anyone have any suggestions before I get out to buy a new keyboard?


EDIT: Got a usb keyboard today, everthing works fine.

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