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Freezing issue on 10.5.2


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After a lot of installations on my new rig, and thanks to the help of many of you, I have set up my HackPro and EveryThing Seems To WorkTM. But...


Very often I come back home to a frozen computer: no panic screen, nothing in the logs, just a frozen screen with nothing moving, so I am forced to restart.

The same hardware runs happily for a week on Vista x64, so I suppose is a software issue.


What can I test to solve this?


My hardware configuration is as follows:


Motherboard: GA-P35_DS3R v.2.0, bios F11

CPU: Q6600 quad-core, at stock speed

RAM: 4x1G DDR2 800

Video card: ATI Sapphire HD3850

Wireless network: D-Link DWL-G122 rev.C1

Storage: On the ICH9R SATA ports:

WD SATA2 HD, GPT formatted, Leopard

Seagate SATA2 HD, MBR formatted, Vista

SATA optical drive


On the Jmicron IDE channel

Two IDE drives, Linux



I tried Kalyway 10.5.1 and iAtkos 1.0i r2 and first noticed this problem.

Then tested a vanilla-only installation, using only dsmos.kext and removing appleintelcpu...


Same issue


Yesterday I tested Kalyway 10.5.2 with its many kernels

vanilla 9.2.2 hangs

Standard (sleep) 9.2.0 hangs

kabyl 9.2.2 hangs

modbin 9.2.2 seems to work, then hangs after passing ~3G of ram usage (maybe it is unrelated to my issue, can be a 32bit-only kernel?)


Anyone can suggest what to try to solve this?


EDIT Apr-13:

Traced the issue to my wifi USB DWL-G122. Removed, installed vanilla + dsmos - AppleIntelCPU , ran happily since. I suppose it was a driver issue, as in vista had no problems with it

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Not sure - my hd3850 runs about 65C-72C after a few hour in Leopard, but after removing the DWL usb stick my rig ran flawlessly until now. Tested on a vanilla installation, with only the hda and ati kexts added and fully updated.

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