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cannot wake from sleep acer 5050


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i have been trying to resolve my issue now for over two weeks



i have an acer aspire 5050 AMD dual core with ATI 200m video

i have installed leopard 10.5.1 (10.5.2 did not work) - dual boot with vista

things i had to fix after install


keyboard, trackpad

display resolution settings

power mangement


i fixed these with packages and kexts for "aspire 5051 fixes.zip" available on the internet

i beleive the 5050 and the 5051 are the same except maybe the 5051 has ATI x1100 video

all patches installed ok except the appleACPI (i got an install failed because of "/")

everything works now except SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!

i played with power mangement settings

before the calisto video drivers the laptop would freeze when sleep was attempted and i had to force reboot

after the video drivers i can change display resolution and now it goes into sleep BUT THE SCREEN REMAINS BLACK AFTER WAKE UP


is the problem a video issue, power management, ACPI, ???? kexts ???

sleep works fine when i boot vista so it is NOT a hardware issue


since it is a laptop the sleep feature is very important to me



how can i fix

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