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Kalyway 10.5.1 installer not seeing partition


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Hi all, just want to start with top job to everyone involved in this! Just starting to get into Mac having now been qualified on M$ for quite some time. I'm now using a MBP on my Win2k3 Domain at work and loving it!

I want to try out OSx on my PC at home as I am also just starting to get digital with my Music recording. Cubase on the PC is just too annoying, so was going to try out LogicPro to see if I like it any better and if so I'll go get myself a Mac.


So now on to the problem.

Firstly, my Spec's;


Core2Duo E6600 (clocked to 3.4Ghz)

Asus P5N32-E SLi nForce 680 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard

GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C5 800MHz DDR2 Dual Channel

GeForce 8800 GTS Graphics (x2 in SLi, tho I'm not fussed if this works or not)


3x80gig WD SATA drives in a Raid 5 config, with Vista installed

2x250gig WD SATA drives in a Raid 0 config, used as storage.


Now I was following the guides on the web, both here and at the wiki for osx86 and partitioned 40gig from 2x250gig drive to use for my OSx86 Kalyway install. Got the install to start after a bit of teething problems by having to use the cpus=1 command.


When it then gets to the part where you go into the Drive Utilities I can see the following;


first 80gig drive


second 80gig drive

third 80gig drive


first 250gig drive


second 250gig drive


the drivexsx parts have the following sizes;

0s1 = 80gig

2s1 = 80gig

3s1 = 250gig


So nowhere can i find my 40gig partition to format ready for OSx86. Can anyone assist me please?

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Sorry to bump it up again, but I am really wanting to use this, yet am un willing to just try and format one of the drives in the hope it will work as I have data on all of them, hence me creating the new Partition for OSx86.


Please, if anyone has got any suggestions I would be really really greatful!! :)

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