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Kalyway does only install the wrong way


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First of all, thx to everyone who made this community to what it is right now!


I 've bought a macbook and so i was interested in installing osx86 on my old pc.


Specs of this machine:

Aopen XCube EZ 661

Chipset: SIS 661FX + 964

Intel Celeron D 320 (2.4 Ghz)

Audio: Realtek Avance AC9

Lan: Broadcom 5788 gigabit


I placed an empty hdd as master at my first IDE and my DVD-rom at 2nd on the same cable (because otherwise i got the error "no root device...") and I installed the Kalyway 1.5.1 at this computer but the only way to istall it that i could boot the installation was to install it with a Master boot record (MBR) and without any of the costumized packages in the installation. So then I 'm able to boot with the installation DVD and that's the only way to get it started up. But, it won't boot itselfs and almost nothing of the hardware works. No USB, lan, audio, ... So actually not enough to work whit the machine.

Any other way of installation (with for example a GUID-partition) won't boot..


Has anyone experience with these troubles? Buying other hardware is not an option ;-)



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