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Hi guys, it's melagodo from Italy.


I was planning to buy an iMac, but due to no upgrades, the price and so on I started thinking about a desktop like a Mac Pro. But is too expensive :)


So i would like to build a pc!:happymac:


I'm already using a MacBook, and a part from the graphics, it's pretty fast for all my needs. So i would like to have something a bit faster, but not exagerated!


Could you suggest me which motherboard and graphic card should I buy (just those 2 parts)? I would like something that, if I need post-installation processes, drivers, ecc, would be all well documented on Internet.


I would like everything working of course (LAN, Audio especially), and I would prefer Intel, not AMD.


I just need motherboard and graphic card suggestions, cause I think there are no problem with the other parts, such as HD, DVD reader, RAM, CPU....


I read somewhere that if you have a specific type of motherboard you can upgrade the system without any trouble using the EFI...i would like to do so if possible :idea:


For the graphic card...I'm not a game enthusiast, but i don't mind to play some games like Age of Empires sometimes...


And last...which DVD image (or distro) would you suggest me to use with the hardware that you're going to suggest me? (sorry for repetitions, but my English is not that good, unfortunately...:censored2:


Oh, and i would like to use Leopard, i really like it (especially TimeMachine!)


Thank you very much guys!



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