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Setting the device UID


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I've got a Kalyway 10.5.2 install running on Vanilla Kernel (ABIT p35 Pro, Intel Q6600, 4GB RAM). Everything including sound works for the most part. I patched the sound with Taruga's 1.20 patcher and the ALC888 codec for my Realtek chipset.


An issue that I believe is causing some intermittent instability is the sound card ISN'T recognized in the system profiler. When Skype starts up, the console says


"4/10/08 8:41:51 AM Skype[511] SkypeSound::setAudioDeviceUID: cannot find audio device with UID (null), trying to use default system output device instead "


Skype works fine, but every now and then it crashes unexpectedly. It seems to happen when switching from applications requiring the use of the audio card. I'm surmising that if I set the UID to something the system can recognize, these issues might just go away.


How do you set the UID of the audio device so the system recognizes it is there?

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