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Tiger Flat Image (ignore thread, figured it out)

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Im here asking for help on how to "dd" the tiger-x86-flat image to the correct partition on my HD.

I dont understand what to do exactly. Could someone please explain in detail what i am supposed to do. I have the tiger image and dd.exe and Diskio.dll extracted to my C:\ drive (the root of the drive) and im stuck on what i do next. Ive tried almost everything in command prompt, but nothing works.

Ive tried this image in vmware and everything works perfect but i wanna run it natively.

*PS ive searched all day and tried like 4 guides.


Thanks :blush:

*edit: now ive tried it another way and it says "dd.exe is not a valid win32 application"


*edit 2: got it by myself, thanks anyway........

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