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XP hangs in boot camp on a regular basis


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I have a MacBook Pro 2.6Ghz with 2GB of Ram. I have XP Installed in Boot Camp (and can also access it through Parallels when I need to). The problem I describe here happens in boot camp.


XP loads up fine and seems to run well, but it hangs regularly. It seems like it usually happens with Firefox or IE and it seems to be in situations when the WiFi connection might be on the low side. I can't track it down exactly but it's as if at times when Firefox needs a little extra time to find something the whole system hangs. I thought it was a Firefox issue however it also happens with IE.


One problem is Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work because the delete key needs the fn key to operate in Windows as a delete key (not backspace). If I hit Ctrl+Alt+fn+Del it still doesn't give me the task manager if something is hanging. If the system is okay, the task manager comes up after a delay but if something is hanging there is no way to get the task manager.


I'm pretty sure I have the latest NVIDIA drivers ( - 1/24/2008). Most hang ups are usually due to video drivers.



Any ideas?

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