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Looking for Perfect Laptop to install OSX86 LEO


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Hello All,


My name is Wade and I run a website called ConsumerCowboy(http://consumercowboy.com).

I'm a fan of the OSX following and have about every distro out there from 10.1.3 on up.

One thing is for certain with installing osx86 on laptops. They will not be fully functional weather it is the

sound or the sleep mode it will just not work correctly or just plain trouble getting past the SATA drivers.


On my site, I give advice on purchasing computers both PC and APPLE... I was thinking why not put Apple OS

on Intel based Notebook and write up a walkthru rather a how too guide on getting everything setup and working properly.

I figure there is nothing more economical than putting a top notch OS on a machine that costs about half.

I have some branding requirements that may throw a loop in the quest to find the perfect hack-in-tosh.


I'm looking to hear your opinions on the following brands and what current models that are 100% functional.





This will be my replacement for my 2 year old Lenovo 3000 N100 works ok *no sleep or *sound :-(


Thats about it I appreciate any feedback that you can give on the requirements that I have.

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