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Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 for AMD hang at 2 minute


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Hello!I have the Zephyrot Leopard 10.5.2 for AMD.

When i install without setting any boot loader, it finishes normaly, but i cannot boot Mac OS!

When i select Boot loader to MBR the setup hangs at 2 minute left. I let it run for serveral hours, but it still hangs there..

After hard reboot, i am able to boot Mac OS via the Vista Boot loader and then the MAC boot loader! Then i see an Apple on the screen and after 1 minute, mac os, says that it has to reboot.

But this screen comes all the time :wacko:

Here is a guide for zephyrot: http://osx86.thefreesuite.com/leo_amd.php But in this guide, they didn't not changed the boot loader! So do i have to change the loader or not? When i didnt change it, i could not boot it from the vista Bootloader!


And what is also quite funny is, that the setup or boot hangs up. But when I press my POWER Off button the setup or the boot procedure continues!! (I have this XXXSTATETABLET Bug = http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/1903/dsc00852mi0.jpg , which I discovered in this forum and nobody knows exactly how to avoid this bug)


My Notebook is a HP Pavillion TX 1250EA Tablet PC with Geforce Go6150 AMD Turion X2 TL-56.

I will try the other boot options from the guide but i am little bit confused from all that different guides :D




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Sry for post again!


But finaly it works! I installed it on the 2nd primary disk and not on the third!


Name: HP Pavillion TX 1250 EA

CPU AMD Turion 64X2 TL-56


Grafik: GeForce GO 6150 (probably not working - just 1024x768 - where can i check it?) - When i sign on i got an error which says: "error loading NVInjectGo.kext" and LaptopDisplay.kext"

LAN: NForce Onboard

WLAN: Broadcom Wireless LAN

SOUND: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Bluetooth: Sth crappy from HP



Well i selected the nvidia go drivers, nforce drivers and wirelssbroad com lan drivers.


My Webcam, touchpad and the touchdisplay is working fine. But how can i calabrite the touchdisplay?! The mousepointer is 1cm far away from the stylus point :)


Maybe someone can help me now (at least :D )?


And here some more Details:


GPU: NVidia Geforce Go 6150

WLAN: Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter

LAN: NVIDIA nForce Networking Control

Modem: Motorola SM56 (dont needing this)

USB Controller: nVidia NForce 430 (USB Floppy is found with MAC OS and correctly mounted)

USB Device: USB 2.0 Camera und HP Integrated BT Module


Nothing (except the USB camera and the USB controller) is working ;)

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Hey. I have the same GPU, LAN and wireless as you. After a little research, I found out that the shared graphics cards will probably never work. :) I have been trying to get my wireless and LAN to work for days now and I couldn't get it to work. Try the forcedeth for you LAN. Have you done the broadcom enabled script yet? In fact I was searching for a driver for my card and found this. I think there is a thread for your model. I can't paste the link as I am on my iPhone. I'll do more serching when I get back on my computer.




In fact I have almost the same computer internals as you. I used kalyway 10.5.2 and whenever I tried NVinjectGO it always gave me a panic. Try to install again with just the most basic stuff(I.E. No extra software, or NVinject) I booted my disc with the flags -v -F, and it showed my wireless during the install, it even showed networks, but it wouldn't actually connect to them. Weird. Anyways, hope this helped!

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