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Which is best OSX leopard for my PC, Please suggest


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Hi All,


I tried to install IATKOS 10.5.1 on my PC, but i am Unsuccessful all the time, so i am now tired installing it anymore without asking question here. Below is configuration of my PC:


Processor: Intel P4 3.4GHz

Motherboard: Intel® 915P

Graphics Card: NVidia 8400GS

Harddrives: Total of 3 harddrives:

1. SATA - Vista Installed(Boot manager)

2. PATA - XP installed

3. SATA - For OS X Leopard(trying to install)


Lan: Onboard for Wired

Wireless: WG311T from Netgear


When tried to install iATKos many times and i was able to see darwin bootloader after installation but it stops at some error when run -v mode.


I am expecting help from all you here, I saw lot of genius people here, Please help



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Thanks for this link.


I am confused between Kalyway and Leo4All. which one better for NVidia 8400GS, because i think that is one of the factor stopping from booting my leopard.

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