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JaS 10.4.8 on Compaq Presario V6719NR?


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Ok, so here's the deal:


One day, I'm just browsing the internets, as usual, and I see this article about something called a "Hackintosh". Intrigued, I read further and decide that I would like to undertake a hack-mac building project of my own. So, having done my homework on the cheapest laptop with decent specs that I could find, I went down to Best Buy and picked up the Compaq Presario V6719NR. The hardware isn't too shabby: Athlon X2 TK-57 @19.GHz, 2Gb Kingston Dual-Channel DDR2-667 [PC2-5300], 160Gb HITACHI SATA HDD [model 5k250-160], NViDiA Geforce 6700M [128Mb 'dedicated'], PIONEER 20X DVD Super Multi drive, Atheros AR5007 54G Wi-Fi, 15.4" widescreen, and the usual other stuff. So, my project now is trying to fit this "Jas 10.4.8 [sSE2/3 PPF1/2]" DvD that I downloaded on this new lappy of mine, and build myself a shiny new Hackbook. The only problem is, my expertise (in Mac's, not Windows) only extends as far as watching the little circle go around while I wait for my computer to load. So, I popped the disk in, fired the computer up, and voila! it loaded the install. I was ecstatic. So, it loads, then fails to find my hard drive, so I pop in an 80gb usb drive that I've got lying around, and it finds it. It goes through all the motions of installing itself, then locks up after everything's done. Frustrated, I turn to the largest source of Hackintosh knowledge that I know of: you guys. And now, my whole-heartedly begging request:

HELP ME!!?!?!?:D

I would post the log it show on my system startup, but I don't know how and I can't read that fast.

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