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Static Sound on Soundmax

Pim Rutgers

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Ok im going right flat out CRAZY atm.

I installed Leopard yesterday, did some tweaking, and got my sound working perfectly! I can't remember which .Kext I downloaded but I do remember doing Kylops tweaks last before it blew.


Then I installed Ventrilo and Sound got {censored}ed up,... did everything I could but nothing worked.



I re-installed Leopard completely.


I downloaded a AppleAC97Audio.Kext from the forums


Modified AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext with my string ADS70 (chipset 1980, 0x30591106)

Modified AppleAAC97AudioVIA.kext with my string


Did permissions, removed cached, cached it again

Reboot.... Still {censored} sound! Static noise all over the place

My USB headset works just fine btw.


Does it matter which .Kext I take? None are modified for my strings, so I do that myself

I never get any permission errors or anything.

Do the kext include other things then the strings, so that different .kext can give different soud output?

Im going right out CRAZY here so please help or i'm gonna throw this computer out of the god damn window. :wub:


K8V-SE Deluxe Motherboard

AD1980 chip



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