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Do ANY Gigabit NICs work? SATA Settings? Help!


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Hi, Gang:


After an easy-as-pie installation of Leo4All V1 onto my AMD X2 system (works great, but no sound or LAN), I have decided to build a cheappie Hackintosh/XP box. Ideally, all hardware will work in XP and OSX, as the PC will have interchangeable HDs, one for each OS, XP and OSX will never "see" each other.


Hardware on hand:


Conroe e6300

Freezer 7 Pro CPU cooler

Gigabyte 945 MB

7600GTS vid

2-4 GB DDR2 800 RAM

eMachines mATX case with XP sticker

(2) 100-GB IBM IDE Drives (1 XP, 1 OSX) and a drive sled/cage for each

NEC 3550A IDE Burner


I'm assuming that the IDE stuff will work on the Intel board, cuz they worked fine on my AMD board... If not, I'll switch to SATA...


QUESTION: Can OSX and XP use the same SATA mode settings?



As I understand it, the onboard sound and 100-Mb LAN hardware will work with little tweaking, but I have an existing Gigabit network that connects my XP and Linux boxes to each other and to a file server. I could get away with 100-Mb, but I'd really love to be able to use Gb LAN because a lot of data gets sent back and forth over the storage LAN.


Do ANY Gb NICs work with OSX? I have been searching high and low and have found a lot of discussions, but nothing definitive?




--KK in MN

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Try the main Hardware and Drivers forum. This is the LAN and Wireless area. You should also have a little more specific info about your hardware. Your case and CPU cooler are irrelevant. You'll need chipset information for your motherboard, sound card, and ethernet (Gigabit NICs are hit or miss depending on the chipset). To get you started, it's a good idea to have 2 completely separate disks. More people should do that IMO. Your SATA chipset is also hit or miss. Do a search on your mobo first.

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