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Leopard hangs up on start up


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I looked for an answer on google and on the forum and couldn't find a solution to the problem i'm having, to start off here is my hardware:


asus p5w deluxe motherboard

4gigs of ram

intel duo core 2.2

eGeforece 8400gs 512ram video card


i tried installing using iTAOK and it worked ok for the exception of:


- i couldn't boot leopard without keeping the dvd in the drive

- i couldn't change the screen resolution to anything other than 1024x768 (22") dell


I tried using the brazil mac's tutorial and everything seemed to be ok, (meaning i get as far as installing leopard and running the PostPatch.sh file fine), but once i reboot the systems freezes at the gray apple logo. It seems like it's booting up for a few minutes, but then the twirling circle below the apple logo freezes and can't get past that.


Any ideas?



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