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Minor problem with rEFIt

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hi all, new here. :)


i recently installed osx, vista and xp on my macbook using this superb tutorial: http://www.fosk.it/quad-booting-a-macbook.html


i have had much success following his instructions but there was this slight behaviour that i've noticed. when refit first starts up together with the computer, going into the partitioning tool and coming back out to load vista will result in a 'grey windows logo and white background' sorta hang. when i select to load into vista immediately when i see the icons though, it loads fine. this does not happen on OSX- going into the tool and coming back out to select it does not affect it in any way, only vista. cant say for xp yet cos i ereased it before i noticed this behaviour. anyone else have this problem or is it just bad coding in refit?



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