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Bluetooth Problem

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Hi all:


Today i succesffuly built my first hackintosh. I am running Kalyway 10.5.2 and everything works GREAT except for my bluetooth. I have an apple mouse and keyboard (both wireless) and can get one to work fine, but not the other at the same time. So i can have my mouse work, but not my keyboard, or i can have my keyboard work, and not my mouse. Everytime i try to pair the second device, it fails. Is there anything i can do? thanks

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bump... (edited the first with new details)


someone has to have an idea as to why i can only pair 1 device at a time

this link:


shows the specs for the dongle... from what i see it should work... BLAST

does it matter if i have a ps/2 mouse/keyboard plugged in?

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