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How to use BOOTCAMP (latest) with Tiger

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You can get it here: http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html



Let's assume you have TIGER as your main OS.


1) Use disk utility and create two (2) partitions on the external drive. Make sure GUID is selected in options or you won't be able to install AND boot the operating systems to the external hard drive. (the GUID option is located in Disk Utility when you are on the partition tab).


THEN SELECT OPTIONS, select GUID in order to make both partitions (HD) bootable with the OS.


After creating the partitions, you can now install the OS's onto them.


2) Using Carbon Copy, copy Tiger from your computer to the external hard drive (TARGET) on partition 1. Tiger is now backed up.

Now that we have TIGER backed up, we can install Leopard onto the external hard drive (partition 2) then overwrite the old Tiger laptop hard drive:


3) Install Leopard on external HD (Partition two (2) This is where the GUID comes in handy - place LEOPARD in the disc drive, hold down "option" key, and while rebooting, choose the 2nd partition for Leopard install. Due to GUID, the mac will see all the partitions as boot-able partitions and install the OS onto partition two (2).


We now have the following:

• Main hard drive (TIGER)

• Partiion 1 Copy of Tiger

• Partition 2 Copy of Leopard


4) Check that you can boot to external LEOPARD and external TIGER (external hard drive copy).

Restart computer, before apple logo appears, hold down option key and select each external OS and make sure you can boot up using the external hard drive.



5) Boot to the TIGER external hard drive OS.


We are now going to take Leopard from the external hard drive and copy over the old tiger image (main computer laptop hard drive).

The steps are as follows:


6) Use Carbon Copy to copy Leopard from the external hard drive to overwrite the old TIGER image on the computer.

Carbon copy has to be on the desktop of every partition, NOTE, you cannot run it from another source....otherwise you will get an error.


It should look something like this:

SOURCE=External Hard Driver (Leopard)

TARGET:=Internal System (laptop, et-cetera) hard drive, Tiger.

When its finished you will now have Leopard on your main hard drive, and Tiger/Leopard in two external partitions.


7) TIME TO INSTALL BOOT CAMP - have your windows disc (and serial/key) & Leopard disk ready....


a) Run Boot Camp Assistant, choose a partition size for windows, after partitioning- -

;) It will ask for a Windows disc (XP/Vista)

c) Boot into Windows, then give it a moment, then insert the Leopard disc as this has some drivers for wireless, track-pad, iSight, et-cetera).

Leopard will know what to do and ask you to install the drivers (YOU WANT TO DO THIS).

In rare cases, windows "might" change the target mode (Start Up Disc) so you might have to hold OPTION down once to get back into OSX as your target mode. If this IS the case, go to Start Up Disk (Preferences) and make sure the computer's HD (not the external) is selected.

Also, if your windows copy is genuine, PLEASE go to WINDOWS UPDATES and download EVERY Critical update (80+). As chances are, there have been many spyware programs since your copy of windows was created, especially XP.


TIME TO Test both Windows and Leopard.


When finished you should have the following:

• Main Hard Drive (Leopard, with a Windows partition) (again, on iMac, MBP, Macbook, et-cetera)

• External Tiger Copy

• External Leopard Copy.






Now its time to get Tiger back as your main OS.


8) Reboot to Leopard EXTERNAL HD copy, again, holding down option key and select Leopard external partition.

This time we will use Carbon Copy to select TIGER as SOURCE and overwrite LEOPARD (main HD) as TARGET.

i.e. in Carbon Copy:

SOURCE= Tiger (external backup copy)

TARGET=Leopard Computer hard drive

Basically, we're now overwriting the newly installed Leopard with Tiger.


9) When complete, you will see that you now have Tiger back on your computer (main HD) and the partition you made in Leopard for Boot Camp 2.0 SURPRISE, SURPRISE, still exists!!!!!! You can now boot to boot camp at any time.


You will also have a copy of Tiger and a copy of Leopard on the external hard drives for when you do decide to migrate or as back ups.


Tiger is now your main OS and you now have boot camp.

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Bottom Line= You install Leopard as main OS temporarily, then partition, install boot-camp, then over right Leopard with copy of Tiger. When you wipe the OS partition, it does NOT remove the windows partition.


I can't tell you how many MAC users I know that wanted to keep TIGER and still use boot camp. Pretty sweet if you ask me as it allows me to play with Leopard on an external disc, then, when ready, I can migrate to Leopard and again, it won't affect the windows partition.

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