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Adobe After Effects & Macbook Pro= No Open GL seen


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I have a newer (last gen) 2.4, 256 MBP and when I go into preferences (After Effects) it says NO OPEN GL card found, please update Apple Pro software (not sure which download that is, and I think I did that) as well as Adobe 8.0.1 and wondering if that fixes the issues. Otherwise the playback is very choppy.


I ask as there is nothing called Apple Pro Software, these are my options for software update (re: pro support)....ps, am a bit skeptical about these updates as one person said he did this and it hosed his system, how awful this would be, ugg....


Anyway, options for update regarding pro software....

• Pro Kitupdate 4.5 (version)

• Pro Applications Update 2007-1

• Pro Applications Update 2007-2

• Plug in Manager


Will these help?






Here are the images of the errors, as is, the files play back choppy. Also, what is the major difference between the two (Motion vs After Effects)




and the other shows what updates are available (PS HAS ANYONE FIGURED OUT how to d/l LOGIC update and get it to work (you know, free try before you buy version (smile)...




Thanks GENIUS'

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