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Leo4Allv2 problems on Asus K8N-E


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I just tried to install Leo4Allv2 (10.5.1 ISO) on my system. Here's my configuration :

Boot parameters : -v -f

ACPI 2.0 enabled

APCI compatibility enabled

IDE SAtA controller enabled

- Asus K8N (NForce 3)

- Sempron 3000+

- ATI Radeon 9550

- 768 Mo de RAM

- Integrated network and audio cards


Here is the error message I obtain :



(Screenshot is very large, to clearly see what is written, so I don't post the whole picture here).


Have anybody an idea ?


You're welcome for any help :)

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is this when you install it or the first boot?

if is the first boot can you tell me how you installed it?

all the bios parameters


I tried to install it but it restart after some seconds

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I've got the same problem. Same screen shot.


I used Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd. The installation work fine. After the first reboot, OSx doesn't load.


My hardware:


Mobo: Asus K8N

Proc: AMD Sempron 3100+

RAM: 3x512Mb

Video: Geforce 4 MX440 AGP (... ... :( )


could it work ?


Any idea?

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