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Leo4Allv2 good install, RAM only on 66Mhz


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Okay, I just installed Leo4Allv2 after 4 times trying I finally made it working, but my RAM is clocked at 66Mhz instead of 400Mhz (thats what is says in my BIOS) so how to I fix this because my system is very slow at the moment.

My specs are in my signature as you can see. Is somebody else experiencing the same problem?

Is it possible to overclock it back to 400Mhz, then I'm not damaging anything, is Leopard/OSX overclockable?


P.S. when I open System Profiler from the DVD it says my RAM is on 400Mhz, just as it should be! :)

But how am I going to fix it so it ;) works on my normal Desktop?

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