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Welcome Screen loop after install


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First off, I'm on a Lenovo T60p, which I've seen over at Thinkpads osx86 forums working and on the wiki for OSX86 project has it as a compatible laptop with Kalyway, so it has worked for other people...


I searched through the and found a few ways to "fix" this, however none of them will work :P


I've tried to boot into -s (which wont allow me to touch the .AppleSetupDone file), tried -x (which just booted into the installer again), disabled both network cards in my BIOS to no avail, and I even tried booting the 640X480 resolution, which wouldnt let me see the buttons to click and still loaded the Welcome Screen, so I couldn't even get throught the second page of it, did I miss anything else?

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