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iATKOS v1.0ir2


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Hi, if anyone can help me here, ive looked around forum for some help, anyways here the situiation bios detects hhard drive, iatkos does not when i try to install and go to disk utilities i do not see a hard drive, right now i have no OS on my hard drive so its not partition yet was hoping to do this durin the mac install, so if anyone knows the problem or i might just need to try a new such as kalway or something but i unno yet here is my parts


Intel Core 2 Quad

Asus p5n32-e SLi mobo

evga Geforce 8600 GT

OCZ 4gb Ram

Hitachi 160 gb jummperless HD


so if any knows why its not detecting my HD or has any idea, help is really appireciated, thank you

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