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DV9760 HP


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Hello guys, when installing OS x there was a problem.

When he is at 62% there is a disk error.


kept on the Lowest burn speed


My hardware is :


Amd processor ss2 / ss3

Nvidia VGA Kaart

3 GB Intern memory


Please help me installing MAC on my HP



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Hi all,


I have same laptop DV 9760 and try install iAtkos v4a (AMD) (for users with INTEL it is v4i)

Have a ISO, and use VMWare Workstation 6.5


Have setup a new VM and remove the floppy disk and change network to HOST (if your install is going well then the install will not contact apple.com for registration)


I have change in the VM Bios everything on disable for serial and printer ports.


Then after bios boot press F8 and given follow line:


-x -s -f -legacy cpus=1


You will go into a Boot: screen and give 2 lines:


/sbin/ fsck -fy

/sbin /mount uw/


Now my install will go on untill the graphic screen. Then i get a error log list and have the option to restart, reboot or shut down and last view log.


Can someone tell me how this happend or give me other setting options to install the iAtkos project ISO with no errors?




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