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Hey all,


I've been trying to get a triple boot setup on my laptop. Currently, I have Vista and Ubuntu installed and working fine. I tried to install OS X with iATKOS v1.0ir2, and the first time I tried, it worked; however, my MBR became horrible jumbled and finding no solution, I had to delete the OS X install and reinstall Ubuntu to fix my comp. I was hoping to try again, but I'm currently stuck with a strange problem that I cannot solve:


I have set aside a 40 gig partition for OS X. I have tried formatting, with Disk Utility, this partition to any Mac format available; however, no matter what the partition type originally is [i have tried, fat32, ext2, ext3], when erased, it will revert back to fat32, or so Disk Utility will think it is. However, many times when I reformatted it in Ubuntu with gparted, it lists the partition type as hfs+. Help :D


I'm not sure if any more information is necessary to help solve this problem, so just ask and I'll do my best to answer. Thanks very much!

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