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Install OS X 10.5.2 to AMD Custom Build


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I recently built a new computer a few months ago. It's great, but there's still that Apple fan inside of me, but I'm still someone who loves PCs and likes upgrading hardware and stuff at the same time. I think that OSx86 seems right for me.


However, before I install (if I do), I have a few questions:


First, how will my hardware do?:


-MSI K9N Neo V3 Motherboard

-2GB (2x1GB DDR2 RAM)

-AMD Anthlon X2 4200+ Processor

-MSI 8600GT (with Twin Turbo (dual-bios pretty much for overclocking))

-400GB Western Digital SATA HDD

-Writemaster (Samsung I believe) DVD+/-RW/CD+/-RW IDE drive (or something like that)


I've skimmed for my motherboard a while ago on the compatibility list and it seems like it might do well, but I just wanted to double-check.


Also, what installation disk/method would I get for my AMD build? A while ago, I saw a great Intel DVD build and it didn't seem like AMD ones had matured much. Now, I am back and wondering if there is a installation disk for it that is 99.9%/100% bug free? I've seen some on this forum, but I don't know what to go with. Any suggestions?


Also, I plan to do a single-boot of OS X 10.5 and use it as my primary OS (do a lot of people do this on Hackintoshs?). If (probably will) I want in the future, does Boot Camp work fine for XP or Vista (OEM disc) installations?


Another thing is (probably won't), but does Time Capsule work with Hackintoshes? And while I'm on the subject, does Time Machine also work well to USB or other wireless (forgot if wireless is supported or not by Apple) external hard drives?


Also, what about my PC audio? I forgot the maker of it, but it is onboard 7.1 HD or something like that. Will my front panel connections work?


I really want to go ahead and turn my computer into a Hackintosh, so any help is appreciated.



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