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Darwin hard reboots whenever I try to start OSX

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Hey, new user here. I just set up an install of OSX86 on a computer with an existing XP install.

My hard drive configureation is as follows (Partitions are in order listed)


First disk (IDE)

NTFS Primary 40GB (Windows install partition)


Second disk (SATA)

NTFS Primary 150GB

Type AF Primary 40GB (OSX86 Installed here)


Third Disk (USB)

FAT32 Primary 120GB


Windows Bootloader comes up, I select OSX, darwin starts, it lasts for about a second, and as soon as it displays (I think...) 'Starting Darwin X86', my computer hard-reboots to my BIOS startup screen, and loads windows bootloader again. XP still loads fine. The NTFS partition on the same disk as OSX86 used to be Logical Extended. I figured that was the problem, converted it to Primary, and still nothing.


Any ideas? Anything important I forgot to tell you?


Thanks in advance!


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