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Few missing drivers?

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Hey all,


Successfully installed Kalyway 10.4.10 on a Shuttle XPC yesterday.


Shuttle XPC SP35P2

Intel Core2Quad Kentsfield 3Ghz

4GB 240pin DDR2

ASUS Silent 8600GT

WD 500GB 7200rpm x 2


A few things aren't being recognized under system profiler..

biggest thing is the processor, showing up unknown:




Ethernet port not showing up:



And (this is minor), audio hardware on mobo isn't showing up:



Any suggestions??

I guess the processor not being fully recognized isn't a huge problem, but it might run faster if its fully recognized? I do need to get the ethernet port working. If its impossible, fine, i'll resort to a USB Wifi Adapter. But would love to get this on our LAN for faster file transfers.


Any and all help is appreciated.

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Why do you guys do this?

You refuse to list specs, so for any help, the guy trying to help, has to look up your computer.


Shuttle XPC SP35P2 SPECS:




NIC: Marvell 88E8056




audio hardware: Realtek ALC888




Processor recognition under "profiler" does not make one bit of difference, other than to, maybe make you feel better.

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