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Dell Dimension E520


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I know that the iAtkos v1.0i does. I installed it last night. I forget which option to use but I have had not problem with the graphics. (Except I can not run Google Earth. It freezes for some reason.)

I would advise that you get this version and install it using the following instruction set found here..


I installed using a DLink DFE-538tx that I got for $15 as a NIC. You can use the "ViaRhine.kext' found on the install disk. Sound can be found on wiki.taruga.net.



The on-board video is limited to 1024x768x32bit to start with. I was able to do the following to increase it to 1280x1024x32. I am not sure what size of LCD you are using but this did work very well. I had found the info on another post.


I am not sure what you are running on your E520 but I was able to install an intel Q6600 quad core processor using the dell stock passive heat sync. and it has worked great. Apple makes good use of all 4 cores. Just make sure you have an updated Bios.


All the best. ;)

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