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Kalyway 10.4.10 booting issue

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Hey all,


Having trouble booting off Kalyway DVD 10.4.10. After setting up the bios, and booting from DVD, its hanging in Darwin.


Heres a picture:



Its hanging on an extension.. "com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass"


has no kernel dependency


could it be the kext on that certain extension being corrupted?


We've tried unplugging the USB keyboard/mouse and switching USB ports for keyboard and no luck.





EDIT: Heres our system specs..


Shuttle XPC SP35P2

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 LGA775 2.4GHz

ASUS Silent 512MB GeForce8600GT


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answering my own post here! HA!


we got it working.. turns out the shuttle motherboard is a JMicron motherboard... the Kalyway ISO came with a Extensions.mkext JUST FOR JMicron!


for anyone who has the same problem, heres what I did.


extracted Extensions.mkext thats for JMicron/ICH8


mounted the ISO file thru terminal with -readwrite


replaced Extensions.mkext


reburned/rebooted and BAM! it booted

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we reinstalled a 3rd time, without installing ANY drivers on the kalyway disc.. and it booted up fine. OS X works great, but theres a few hardware recognition issues.


The ethernet port is not being recognized:




and neither is the processor type:



Any suggestions would be great, i'm looking into it now. Going to try and extract some driver extensions from the Kalyway disc via Pacifist and manually installing.

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