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Help Needed 1st time


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Well I am setting up mac for the 1st time and need a hand where to begin


I have 2 hard drives and I want to install Mac on the 2nd hard drive.


1st hard drive is a 500GB SATA Has Windows XP Installed.

2nd hard drive is a 70GB SCSI ---- Want to install Mac on, Its formatted with NO partitions.


I have 2GB of Ram.

I have a DVD burner.


I also have the 2 cd's from Mac as you can see in one of the photo attachments. because I have another computer in the next room that is a mac.


I also have a screen capture of the CPU-z to show you the information of the CPU



I would like to use the cd's in the computer but the computer dose not detect them.

Any suggestions ?



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