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Wireless Card question


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I finally got Leopard up and running thanks to Leo4All. When I was doing the installation (i.e. booting from DVD, choosing kernels/drivers/etc.), it automatically picked up my wireless card, however now that it is installed and running, it detects my card, but will not show any networks (during installation I was able to join both of the wireless networks that I use.). Is there any reason for this change? I choose to install all of the Wireless/Network drivers available on the DVD, and still nothing. Is there anyway I can get the driver that is used during the installation? Thanks.


P.s. My wireless card is Broadcom, and im not 100% but I think its a 4311. At least that what shows on the diagnostic screen when Leopard is loading up.


Edit - Sorry of this is the wrong place for this kind of question. Im still a bit intimidated by this place, and trying to learn my way around. If this is the wrong spot, mods please move it. Thanks.

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